The Inverglen Scottish Dancers Perform at The Beltaine Festival

This past July The Inverglen Scottish Dancers joined acts from England, Scotland, France and Asturias at the Beltaine Festival in Aviles, Spain. The Inverglen Scottish Dancers are the first Canadian dancers to perform on the main stage in Parque De La Muelle.

Medieval tales tell us that Asturian Celtic history began when Irish saint, San Baladran’s arrived on the shores of northern Spain. While The Inverglen Scottish Dance School’s history is somewhat shorter, since Sandra Crosby founded the school The Inverglen Scottish Dancers have performed in Australia, Singapore, England, Scotland, the United States and of course Canada but this was their first venture to Spain.

It was a leap of faith for the festival organizers to invite the Inverglen Scottish Dancers just as it was for the dancers to make the journey from Vancouver to the Beltaine Festival. But from their first performance on the main stage performing traditional Scottish Country and Highland dances as well as dances choreographed by Ms. Crosby the Inverglen Scottish Dancers were a huge hit. The dancers quickly became familiar with the sound of applause, chants of Canada, Canada and local children mimicking their every move on stage.

When they weren’t on the main stage the dancers performed in Aviles Plaza de Spain as well as neighbouring towns of Callezuela and Piedras Blancas, where they danced Culla Bay, Falls of Rogie and Letters to Juliet.

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Inverglen Scottish Dancers

Story and photos by

Chris Herbert